Saturday, May 18, 2013

Research Area D - Site Description

 Last year I began looking at maps and scouting around for a select site to do my most of my research that would fit my needs and requirements. After five months of mapping out wild ground and heading out on scouting trips to locations all over the state, I found an area I was pleased with and this area is now known as research area D. This sites location will remain private to help keep the research results free of contamination.

 Area D in general is fairly flat and wet with the exception of a few raised patches of ground. The area has many different forest types but is mostly comprised of dense spruce and cedar. At some point within a decade the area had small portions logged and is now filling back in with young regrowth.
The forest floor ranges from damp mossy soil to thick pine duff mixed with dead leaves. Swamps are very common and frequently bleed into creeks and streams that lead into patches of farmland that border the area.

 The area is thick with all manner of wildlife aquatic and terrestrial, in the warmer seasons tender foliage, fruits and tubers abound on nearly every piece of ground.
Due to the abundance of food, water and cover this area is considered ideal sasquatch habitat.

 This has been a brief description of research area D by Michigan researcher ,,,Nathaniel York Bronis.

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