Tuesday, April 16, 2013


  Hello, and welcome to my research blog. I am a bigfoot/sasquatch researcher in Michigan's lower peninsula and I have been taking reports and doing my own field research since my daylight sighting in the summer of 2009. I grew up out in the country where my time was spent on home work, video games and catching critters near the creeks. At the time I thought I had a good understanding of the forest and it's inhabitants, so I became comfortable out in the woods on my own . Bigfoot was nothing more to me than a joke or legend, told to children to keep them close to the campfire; but as a kid I still found the shows on the subject interesting and neat to think about. As I got older I lost interest in monsters and all things regarded as fiction, and being a country kid I got more into the idea of hunting, so I got into the habit of going out scouting in the afternoon to see deer moving in the area . One afternoon I saw the unexpected.

  I was walking on the edge of a tree line near an open field when I noticed that the forest was getting oddly quiet. As I was walking further I looked up ahead to the trail and noticed a black figure moving in the woods towards the trail. I was about a hundred yards away from the figure at this point but the trees where blocking a clear look at it. My first thought was "hey it's my neighbor". At the time we were not good friends, but I was always trying to be nice, attempting to be neighborly. So, I continued on the trail toward the direction of travel to intersect what at the time I thought was my neighbor. As I approached to about a hundred fifty feet away from the figure, I could tell that something was odd. I kept walking to about a hundred twenty five to a hundred feet away. As it cleared the trees and brush I saw that this was not my neighbor! When it cleared the brush I froze in place staring at this large black Sasquatch standing at the edge of the trail. With a dead fawn on its forearm, it was looking at the ground almost like it was looking for something. At the second I realized what I was looking at, it felt like someone grabbed my insides and ripped them down into my pelvis, or that my guts turned to a heavy metal and dropped from their place. This is the only way I can describe this feeling.

  It was not looking at me at all, I am pretty sure it had no idea at this point that I was even there. I watched it look at the trail right in front of it, facing to my right for about five seconds. Then it must have noticed me out the corner of it's eye and it turned it's head slightly almost like it did a double take. It turned it's whole body and stared right at me. The moment our eyes locked I felt sheer fear over run me, I felt like I was about to drop to my knees. We stared for what felt like an hour but it was probably only ten seconds. After eight to ten seconds of staring at each other frozen in place with the same shocked expression, it dropped eye contact and scrunched it's face up like a disgusted old man and tightened it's body up, flexing it's muscles like he was frustrated by getting spotted. Then it just dropped it's arm and released the carcass of the fawn, and in one sweeping step turned away from me. It took several more steps doing a U-turn and went on a new path right next to the path it made that came out to the trail. He walked through this patch of willow brush like it was grass.

  The way it moved was fluid and smooth, like a gliding motion. Each step was so deliberate and decided. After just a few seconds it was out of sight, but I could hear the creatures' walking turn to a faster pace like a fast walk, then to a running. Even though it was gone I was still so afraid that I could not move for several minutes. I just stood there shaking, but after a few minutes I regained my thoughts and was able to move. I immediately bolted for the house. I am sure I have never ran faster than I did on that day, looking over my shoulder the whole way.

  I got back to the house still shook up and told my cousin and my mom to come with me back there. I put five bullets in the mag and one in the chamber of my rifle. I was not planning on hunting it down to shoot it but I sure as heck was not going back there with out some kind of protection just in case it came back. We got back to the spot and I started shaking again and clenching my rifle. We walked over to the area where it came to the trail and I saw that there was almost no trace except for a set of depressions about twelve inches long and six inches wide. Each track was a little over three feet apart, but no damage to the weeds and forest floor. After inspecting the path up to the trail, we looked at the dead fawn. All the meat from the last few ribs down was gone, but from the front legs up it had all of that meat still on it. The hide was peeled from the hind end had been rolled like a sleeping bag up to the front shoulders. The center of the fawn's skull was crushed like someone took a big wide hammer and hit it. It had punched the bone into the brain, but the skin was not punched all the way through, it just had a few gashes in the skin. It later occurred to me that there was a large rock pile less than one hundred yards away, and I now think that this creature had seen the fawn in the area, saw the rock pile, then put two and two together. As for the path it took out, it looked like someone drove a small go cart through the willow brush and just created a tunnel through it crushing everything in its path. We looked for prints but everything was so torn up, we could not find anything but several depressions.

  The bigfoot itself looked very lean, like a pro athlete. Even with the hair you could see every muscle on it's body. The hair over its body was mostly jet black with slight hints of brown tones where the hair was thinner. The hair over most of its head and body was about three to three and half inches long, but the hair at the top of the back and shoulders and on the forearms was about an inch to 2 inches longer. The hair near the top of its hips and mid section was about two to two and a half inches. It was definitely a male, about six foot three to six foot five. It's body was like a large lean body builder with a V taper from the upper body down to the waist. The arms where long and down to it knees, the legs looked super powerful and the upper thigh was a little longer than the lower leg . There was something about the hands that I found odd, but I cannot recall in my mind what it was that seemed that way to me and it bothers me that I cannot remember this detail for some reason. The skin color was a deep grey. The head was slightly coned but not much, the face had a heavy brow ridge high and strong cheek bones an had a lot of wrinkles and creases. The nose looked human but a little flatter than a humans' nose and wider. The mouth was wide and the lips where structured like a humans' but thinner. The hair on the head went all the way down to about an inch from the brow ridge and ended in a slit widow's peak. The jaw was strong and thick all the way to the chin, but the chin did not stick out past the lips. The eyes where hard to make out, but when we stared I could tell the eyes where large and appeared rather dark, but this could be from the shadow cast by the brow ridge so I could not see whites.

  For about three months I did not go out to the woods, and for several more weeks I did not go outside at night if I could help it. I had trouble sleeping for weeks and only got to sleep when I pulled my bed away from the windows to the other wall near the door. As time went on, my fear turned to fascination and so I began reading and learning all I could about them.

  Since then I have spent most of my time and funds on my field research to learn and understand how these amazing creatures live and interact. The main goals of this blog are to make available techniques, research projects and raw data for comparison or for field application. Data is the most important part of researching and understanding any subject, but for the most part seems to have gotten lost in the hype, monster mania and hoaxes now associated with bigfoot. To bring back the scientific approach to bigfoot research we must share and compare data .This blog is about collecting field observations from all aspects of an environment,testing new ideas and techniques in the field and showing the results. Showing data from one point alone does not really further the research as a whole but if other researchers collect and display their data we would then have multiple points to help establish patterns and general habits of the species.

  There will be more to come as warmer weather arrives and field time can be put in, I hope you find this blog to be interesting and helpful as more content is added. Thank you for reading and check back often for updates ,,,Nathaniel Bronis.